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About ZG Tennis

Who Am I?

Name:  Zoë Gubbels

Born:    1999

From:   The Netherlands


I am a hard worker and love the grind of getting better in tennis and as a person. I am a believer of a balanced life. Time management is important and that allows me to find time to have fun off court as well.


When I turned 18 years old, I went to America to play college tennis. There, I made memories that will last a lifetime. 


During my business studies, I started my own ZG brand name. The goal was to support my studies with real business experiences.


When I finish my college tennis years in America, I want to play international tournaments and level myself against other players from all over the world. 


ZG could be a good way to develop an entrepreneurial spirit that may help me further in financing my tennis.


Reasons to support ZG

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A lesson learned, should be a lesson shared

After learning so much from my college tennis journey, I feel the need to tell my story. My goal is to inspire others, and possibly help them in their own lives.

College tennis ASU
College Tennis Angelo State University

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