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An athlete needs to take care of his/her body. Every day they need to decide what is going to fuel them. What to take in and what to leave out, should help getting the results that athletes want. Are you taking care of your business, like athletes do for their bodies? 

Covid-19 made remote learning and e-commerce a must. It's vital to have cybersecurity for your business. How do you know that your information is safely stored? Onestop provides 15 ways to improve your business cyber security. Those are tips are more advanced, but I have a simple solution that reduces vulnerability for ALL.  First read the 2 stories that raised my awareness. 


In this pandemic, I watched the movie Snowden on Netflix and it talks about this big government project that collected all information from citizens, like text messages from different social platforms, voice records, phone calls, and footage through webcams. On May 20, 2013, Snowden flew to Hong Kong after leaving his job at an NSA facility in Hawaii, and in early June he revealed thousands of classified NSA documents to journalists to raise ethical concerns.


This movie is based on a true story from 2013 and afterwards, president Obama enforced The Freedom Act. However, I believe we are still exposed with vulnerability. 

In addition to Snowden,  Amazon also increased my awareness about cyber security. Read here some key takeaways from Amazon. 


Jeff Bezos, the second richest man in the world, started the company Amazon. He also created an infrastructure "Amazon Web Services" which was about Cloud Computing.  This video talks about what Bezos did to get to the top and how powerful he is because of his data collection.


"The success of A.W.S. gave Bezos billions to expand Amazon from a company that sells everything to a company that does and knows everything".  (71:37 min).

Alexa is embedding Amazon deeper into the lives of millions of people. It is constantly listening and learning. This puts Amazon in a competitive advantage because through this artificial intelligence, it got most data in the world. 

According to ABC News in 2019: A "chilling" investigation from a Massachusetts lawmaker alleges Amazon's Ring smart doorbell has gaping privacy concerns -- including that footage of you and your family could potentially be used, shared and even sold by law enforcement.

"a small solution that reduces some vulnerability for ALL."

ZG webcam protector
ZG Webcam Potector

I am pretty sure we are listen to, and who knows who are watching us? Even if we don't have anything to hide, I want to make sure I feel I have privacy. That's why I wanted a webcam protector. This cover prevents hackers from spying on your private life and protects your front-set camera from dirt and dust. 

Here is what others say about it:

“ZG camera protector was a revolution for me. I surf the web a lot and everywhere. I have always paid attention to my privacy and so to my web cam. For a long time, I have been using a tape to cover and uncover the web cam. I felt amazed when I first saw the ZG webcam cover. So easy and so useful. It’s black color and it’s design fits perfectly with my pc frame. Great product!!”


- Gianluca, Italy

“This webcam protector product is AWESOME!! A while back I watched the movie Snowden and since then I have been questioning if the US government actually is watching me through the computer camera. Before I got this product, I used tape for covering up the camera. I can say I feel way more comfortable using my computer now! Love this product! 100% would recommend.”


- Ena Ovcina, Sweden

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    John Caesar (Friday, 19 March 2021 13:13)

    Great post this month!! The topic of privacy is contentious, and debates on the level the government should have transparency continue to this day. The only thing that truly helps citizens have a “right to privacy” is judicial precedent set by the United States Supreme Court. Other than that, no where else do citizens have a definitive mention of a right to privacy (there’s no mention of the word privacy in the Constitution�).

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