Bachelor's Degree

 Augustus 2017, I started my college tennis journey at Angelo State University. 

Today, it is May 9th and I earned my Bachelor Business Administration (B.B.A). I finished it faster than usual. Normally, it takes 4 years to get your degree, but I got it in 3. 

Required courses

In America, there are courses that every student has to take, no matter what they study in specific. Examples are: history, English, political science and other science courses. On one hand, it is good for the student's general knowledge. On the other hand, I though these required courses had too much weight in my overall education. And it was tough too! I wanted to focus myself on the business side the most.


I figured out that my university accepted grades/credits from another U.S. educational company, named Straighterline. They offer online courses equivalent to general courses only required for a bachelor's degree. It's self-paced. You pay for a monthly subscription and for the course itself. The longer it takes to finish a course, the more expensive it gets. This option is not for businesses courses, just for the general required courses I was talking about before. 

With this knowledge, I took the chance to get done with a couple courses during my winter and summer holidays. 


Today I would actually walk the stage at the graduation ceremony. It is something you look forward to and work hard for. In addition, it is awesome for an international student to experience the American ambiance. 

For now, the ceremony is postponed until August 15th. I am not sure if I can attend it because of travel restrictions. Hopefully I can go back in August to start my Masters (M.B.A) and to attend the graduation ceremony.  


NCAA is an organization that decides that athletes have 4 years of eligibility for their sports. I finished three years and want to use the 4th year for my Master in Business. Just like my B.B.A, I want to finish my master sooner. Normally, an M.B.A. from Angelo State University lasts 1.5 year and I want to do it in 1 year. 


For now, I am back home spending time with my family, play tennis and work out.


Thanks for reading, and stay updated :)


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    Ibrahim.fulat (Saturday, 09 May 2020 13:21)

    Congratulations ���

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