English Blog · 23. October 2021
After 4 successful years of college tennis in West Texas at Angelo State University (ASU), I took the opportunity to stay for my 5th and final year in America. This year, I wanted to experience a big city. I applied for a couple schools, and finally made the decision to go to the University of Houston (UH). This university is a top-tier research school. At UH, I wanted to try out for the tennis team, but that didn’t go through. Therefore, this last year was different than my others, since I...

English Blog · 19. October 2021
If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don't, you find excuses.

Major Breakthrough: New Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Rules
English Blog · 05. July 2021
No one wants to feel oppresses. but with many NCAA rules, some might feel that way. Effective July 1st, student-athletes will have more options in their lives to earn money. In the past, once an athlete receives a scholarship, they weren't allowed to earn money with their name or sport. There has been a long debate whether or not athletes should get paid because they dedicate their time and energy to their sport. For some athletes, their scholarships didn't cover enough for all their expenses.

Conflict is not necessarily bad
English Blog · 15. May 2021
Many of us want to avoid conflict at all cost because they think feelings get hurt and/or relationships will get destroyed. In this article, I will explain why conflict can be good and when it results in negativity.

Senior Day - College Tennis USA
English Blog · 30. April 2021
What is Senior Day in college tennis? What happens on this day?

How To Be More Creative
English Blog · 13. April 2021
Unlock your creative mindset! Follow these steps to increase your creativity.

Invest in Cyber Security
English Blog · 18. March 2021
Want to improve your cybersecurity? How to keep the hackers out? Secure your information in your business! Read here to increase your cybersecurity awareness and how to protect your business.

Can you master the problem solving skill?
English Blog · 15. February 2021
In a tennis match, not everything will go as planned. There are some days that you aren’t playing your full potential, and you need to have the ability to make the best of it. It could be that the opponent is doing great that day, and you need to figure out your best strategy how to win against them. Therefore, players need to be able to solve problems. This skill transitions well into the business world. There will be days that lots of obstacles come your way, but entrepreneurs and other...

Staying Flexible - Australian Open
English Blog · 18. January 2021
Times call for flexibility and the tennis players in Australia know that!

Learning from tennis?? Yes, you can!
English Blog · 15. January 2021
The things that tennis teaches. Read about all the skills that you can learn from this beautiful sport. Not only tennis players should read this, also others who want to get inspired.

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