Earlier at Home Because of Corona

March 11

Headlines: suspends travel from Europe: President Trump canceled travel from 26 European countries to the US for the next 30 days, beginning Friday at midnight. 

March 12 

We were heading to San Antonio for our Spring Break matches. We hopped in our van in the early morning because our coach didn't receive ant notification that this tennis tournament would be cancelled. During the 3.5 hours drive, I was following the news online. I saw that a couple sports/programs were cancelling their season. The NBA season cancellation caught the eye because it is the most prestigious basketball competition in the world.


When we arrived in San Antonio, we got to hit at the courts where we would play matches on the next couple days. After our hit, we went to a shop to buy some tennis grips. At that moment, our coach got a notification/call that we had to come back to San Angelo. We headed to the hotel, showered, and went to eat dinner afterwards. During our trip, we were talking about the situation and realized and philosophized that our dinner could be our last official team dinner together, depending on what the decisions the government would take.


Was this the end of our season? What about school? Can we stay in San Angelo? Many questions went through our minds.



March 13  

This morning, our coach had a meeting with the head of sports department and several coaches from other sports. Afterwards, we had a teammeeting. In the teammeeting, he updated us on the current state of affairs. As we all know, the coronavirus was unknown to us, and everyone has lots of questions. Understandably, the coach couldn't answer every question we had. 

We were told it was unwise to encounter strangers. Therefore, we were asked to spend time together. Virginie Becht, Ena Ovcina and me grabbed a coffee in downtown San Angelo. In the evening, we watched a movie together. 


March 14 

Ena, Virginie, Melanie, Maria, and I went downtown again to walk around and spend time together. The weather was gorgeous and it seemed as if nothing was wrong around us. At that time, we were not yet fully aware what effects of the whole situation could have on us. 


March 15 

I had a lot of contact with my home front. I had never been calling this much during my whole college tennis journey haha. We were talking about the unstable situation, how it is back home and what measures the government has ordered.  In the meantime, I talked to other Dutch college tennis players in USA that I know. Most of them were already home or were thinking about leaving soon. Hearing their story as well as my parents', I decided it would be best for me to go home in these uncertain times. 


March 16 

I booked a new flight ticket home. Instead of changing my existing ticket, that was planned May 20, I booked a one-way ticket home. Some states or countries were closing the borders, so I had to move fast. Calling the airlines would take forever because their waiting-lines were so long. 


March 17 

I needed to clean my room, bathroom, and check what kind of food would go bad and give that to others. Also, I said goodbye to a couple friends and teammates. It was sad not to be able to say goodbye to other friend that I made over the years. Some of them would leave San Angelo for good. In conclusion, I had a lot of things to do. My father always says to travel light in case of emergency: pasport, money, phone and plane-ticket. Therefore, I didn't pack anything.  

Flying back home


March 16 


How am I feeling?

I am extremely thankful to be back in good health. My parents take good care of me. I can do what I love most, play tennis (even during lockdown)  


I am happy I finished my bachelor's degree in a good way, despite the online transition.

I miss the people in San Angelo, but I am hopeful to be back in August to play tennis and to start my masters.


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