Decision to go to America

           In December of 2016, my life changed when I made the decision to go to America to play college tennis. America has awesome opportunities to combine full time tennis with full time school, which was great for me considering that in the Netherlands they didn’t provide the combination of going to school and playing tennis. If I would have stayed in the Netherlands, I would have to decide between those two things, which would have been very tough considering I wanted to play the sport I loved while getting an education at the same time. The decision alone doesn’t get you in America, there is a whole process leading up to it.


         After Skyping with Coach Bizot multiple times, I had a good feeling about Angelo State University and was excited to begin my college tennis career. It was an exciting moment for me not only because of the fact I was diving into a whole new world of moving to America, but I would also be one of the founding players of Angelo States re-established tennis program. I would go to a different country, have to speak English constantly, and basically don’t know anybody yet. Additionally to not knowing anyone, I also had no idea who my teammates were, where they were from, or how we would get along as a team. I had Skyped with some of the girls on the team, but past the 45 minutes of getting to know each other on two blurry screens I had no idea who they were as tennis players let alone people.  


       It was a big step for me leaving my family and friends behind, but I am happy with the opportunity I have been given to improve my game as well as pursue my degree at the same time. And since I made the decision to be a part of this team and this program, I have had so many blessings and made so many memories I will cherish forever.  

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    Brandon Ortiz (Monday, 03 May 2021 03:51)

    This is aspiring for others who want to pursue their athletic careers! You could be the next top star in the Netherlands for Tennis. I believe in you, especially since the Netherlands have some outstanding athletes in the world!

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