Junior Year


This year, two new tennis players were added to our existing team:

- Anna Schneemann       San Angelo (USA)

- Dianela Rodriquez    Mexico City (Mexico)

Fall - Regionals


For the regionals tournament in October, I played both singels and doubles with my doubles partner Maria Delgadillo. In my singles matches I didn't reach the level I wanted. However, in the doubles, Maria and I reached the semi-finals. We lost in a 3th set,  supertiebreak... I was devastated. Even though Maria and I at the moment weren't playing like our potential, we fought back and were so close. We had chances in the tiebreak. There was an overhead at 3-3 that I missed long. I will always remember that...

If we had won, we would have played Ena Ovcina and Valentina Gonzales, our own teammates, in the finale. 


We practiced hard and we got a strong team with the addition of the two players that I mentioned above. We, including the coaches, felt pretty confident that we could do big things this year. In my second year at this university, we were regular season Lone Star Conference champions. This year, our goal was to go to Nationals. 

Before our real matches started, there were 2 exhibitions. Those exhibitions are team matches that don't count, but are good practice to get the match feeling back. Some of us started off a little rough. That's because it has been a while since we played real matches. As the exhibitions proceeded, we played better and better. 


In the middle of March, we had 10 wins and 1 loss (10-1) in our season and were on fire. Spring break was around the corner and we were scheduled to play really good teams. The days right before our Spring Break trip, we were grinding in 32 degrees Celcius. 

Unfortunately, on March 12th, we heard that our tournament was cancelled because of the Coronavirus. Eventually, our whole season got cancelled.


In an upcoming article, you will read how everything got impacted by the Coronavirus. 



This year, classified as a senior in school, the classes became more challenging and the professors assigned more projects. I took the following courses in my last semester of my undergraduate degree (Bachelor Business Administration, Accounting):

  • Accounting Information system
  • Income Tax Accounting
  • Business Modeling & Decision Making
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Management

Overall, business degrees are in general flexible in what order to take courses. However, senior year is different because most classes have prerequisites. That's because these last classes are aimed to prepare the students for a career afterwards. 


Seniors in general had many events to attend. Some examples are:

- Having different resume presentations and get your own resume checked by a special department. 

- JC Penny Suit Up. JC Penny had one evening where students could shop at discounted prices for business professional apparel. Again, the goal was to give students the opportunity to prepare themselves for future events, like interviews and internships. 

- Etiquette dinner. This was an evening where a faculty member of the Career Development Center freshened up the standards of dining for company dinners or interviews where food is involved. 

- Career fair was planned but got cancelled due to Coronavirus. This is where you would talk to real companies for internship or job opportunities. 


During spring break, we heard that our tennis season got cancelled. Around that same date,  Angelo State extended spring break for an additional week. The university moved all classes online out of concern for health and safety for their faculty, staff and students. Professors could use that extra week off to transition the remainder of the class to an online set-up. 


It is March 31st today and I am still in the middle of my online classes. Until now, it's going fine. 


I flew back home sooner and enjoying my time with my family too. 

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