Staying Flexible - Australian Open

The Australian Open is scheduled to start on February 8th. Until now, there have been 10 positive cases related to this Grand Slam tournament. Many players have been put in quarantine because they were exposed to positive cases. Staying in your hotel room for so long, is not fun.


Is it an ideal preparation? Definitely not either...


However, the players make most out of their situation. This is not the first time they will overcome adversity. Careers have always ups and downs, but you have to keep a positive attitude. Take a look at these creative hotel room set ups: 



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How are you doing?

 A lot of countries in Europe are still in lockdown, and some even have a curfew. In the United States, more is open and possible. However, these times can be stressful for everyone.



How are you coping with the stress? Are you problem solving?


Let me know how you adapted to these new times in the comment box below. I am curious about your experiences and maybe others can learn from you too!

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